About us


In 2009, several developers approached KJ and Andy Finsand about the possibility of constructing homes. The developers had dozens of lots sitting vacant for several years. There was not much interest from anyone to buy or to build homes on these empty lots while the economy was in a severe free fall. Finsands realized that the best way to sell homes in an area hit hard by the recession and housing downturn was to offer to build homes that potential homeowners never thought they could possibly afford. Most homeowners were accustomed to the production builder sales model, where the builder quoted a standard or base price in the consumer’s price range. However, in order to get the home to a desired finish level, the buyer was forced to add tens of thousands of dollars in upgrade costs to the quoted price. Normally this would price the home out of the buyer’s price range, forcing the buyer to omit desired amenities or finishes in the home. Hearing this story time and again, Finsands took to heart that homebuyers wanted a fair price for an upgraded home…a home in which the buyer did not have to compromise on quality or price. Finsand Development builds an upgraded custom home with no hidden fees at the standard price.

In 2009, when we were brainstorming ideas to incorporate into the startup of our “Affordable Luxury” division of homes, we decided the best way to make an immediate impact in a challenging market was to obtain  omments
and ideas from recent new construction homebuyers. We also quizzed experienced real estate professionals who worked exclusively as buyer’s agents. One common thread kept  resurfacing.

From the buyer

“We were disappointed when we walked into a builder’s beautiful model home only to be told this really isn’t the home we were getting.”

From the buyer agent

“I knew that every time I took my buyers into a  model home they were going to see a gorgeously appointed home, but my clients would be disappointed when they found out how much that home would be with the features included in the model home. They would either have to settle for a stripped out home or purchase a much smaller home than desired to get the features they wanted.”