Build Your Own Lot

At Finsand Development we will build on any lot, anywhere, period. If the lot of your dreams is outside one of our communities that’s great NO PROBLEM. In many cases, we have purchased lots our clients have found and have built their dream home on it. We can even put together a complete estimate for your dream home on your lot in under a week! Call or email us today to get an estimate on your home.


When building a home one of the most complicated processes can be obtaining a construction loan. At Finsand Development we have been able to eliminate most of this hassle for our clients. With a deposit of 3.5-5% down, we will in-house finance the construction on most of our projects. This eliminates the need for you to get two loans and saves time. With our fast moving project financing we can typically start construction within a few days to a couple weeks of signing a contract. depending on the house plan you choose.

We Sell Your Home

At Finsand Development our strategic alliance with Dan Eerkes at Equity Real Estate has been a great advantage to our clients. When you buy a home through Finsand Development Dan will help you sell your current home for a 1% buyers agent fee, a selling agent commission will still need to be paid, they usually averaging 3% . You will save thousands by not having to pay the usual 3% list agent fee on top of that.

Warranty Info

At Finsand Development we provide a 1 year builder’s warranty with every home we build. We also provide for you a complete list of all the tradesmen who worked on your home, including their contact numbers. This allows you access to them on your future projects, like finishing your basement.